Site Clearance Nottingham

Among the most effective and practical ways of keeping our family, business, and the community safe is to clear all types of wastes that are stored on our site or property. Most importantly, a site clearance is much needed when there is a new construction or remodeling project to be started soon. Not only it will help in preparing your property for the project, but it’s also important because it will get rid of all types of hazardous chemicals and contaminants that could inflict danger to everyone. Have your property ready for your next construction project or have it thoroughly cleaned from all types of unwanted wastes by letting North West Waste Consultant’s team of skilled contractors perform a thorough and dependable site clearance at a cost-effective rate.

Site Clearance Professionals in Nottingham

With over nine years of history in working with different sizes of site clearance projects, our expert team is recognized as among the most experienced in Nottingham and various locations across the country. We clear commercial, household, and industrial properties from different types of wastes including machinery, glass materials, metal scraps, as well as hazardous wastes including light bulbs and tubes, aerosols, chemicals, paints, and more. We know how to handle hazardous wastes properly, and we follow a very detailed process in segregating, packing, labelling, transporting, and disposing these types of materials.

We strive to get high-quality results in all our works and to have satisfied and happy clients are what inspires us to work our best every time. Since site clearance is a time-sensitive task, we always make sure to create and follow a strict workflow to complete each project without delays and issues.

Besides site clearance, North West Waste Consultants are also expert in providing food and construction waste removal. A massive amount of food wastes go to landfills each year, and it is our goal to reduce this amount by recycling the food wastes we collect from clients. We also recycle different types of construction wastes including plastics.

Our team is also known throughout the country for providing quality and reliable skip hire services. We have a large collection of skips of different sizes that are available for all types of wastes and properties.

To find out more about hiring a skip in the Nottingham area, please contact us on 01744 758349 or via our online enquiry form. Alternatively, you can email today on 


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