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How to make your business environmentally friendly

Posted by sam on  October 21, 2020
Category: waste management
How to make your business environmentally friendly Unlike hundreds of years ago, most of our waste increasingly belongs in the biodegradable category. This means simple waste management techniques such as burying and burning aren’t as effective any more. Here’s a few reasons why waste management is very important today…   Waste management can be profitable Recycling and waste management can lead to bigger profits for companies – especially in the food industry. Simply by planning
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Olympics 2020 Beds and Medals Made of Recycled Materials

Posted by sam on  February 6, 2020
Category: Uncategorized
Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics is one of the much-awaited events of this year. It is the time where athletes around the world will come together to showcase and compete for their skills with the aim of honour and camaraderie. But this year of competition is quite different from the previous years. The Olympics organising committee came up with a brilliant idea of using recycled materials. This idea truly deserves an appreciation, knowing that they will

Grow your own sponges to cut down on plastic waste

Posted by sam on  January 12, 2020
Category: environmental
You’ve probably used a loofah sponge at some point your life, whether in the bath or for cleaning around the house but did you know it was made from a vegetable? A new campaign from the National Trust wants to promote home grow sponges to cut down on plastic waste. At North Waste Waste household waste is an issue we campaign to reduce so we wanted to find out more about a potential solution that
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Do Christmas jumpers contain plastic?

Posted by sam on  December 13, 2019
Category: Christmas Waste
12 million novelty jumpers are set to be bought this year, despite 65 million festive jumpers sitting forgotten at the backs of our wardrobes. With one in three under 35s purchasing a new Christmas jumper every year we look into what negative impact this has the environment around us. Christmas jumpers contain plastic According to a survey by Hubbub only 29% of shoppers know that most Christmas jumpers contain plastic. The common plastic fibre has
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570,000 hermit crabs die from plastic rubbish

Posted by sam on  December 7, 2019
Category: environmental
Over half a million tiny hermit crabs have been trapped and killed by the massive amounts of plastic debris on two remote island chains in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The tragic mass mortality event has researchers fearing the worst on a global scale. The discovery of 570,000 dead hermit crabs in the Indian Ocean’s Cocos (Keeling) Islands and the Pacific Ocean’s Henderson Island is just the latest sign of the growing crisis of plastic

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