What to look for in a waste management company

At a time when we have more awareness than ever about the effects the human race is having on the environment, it is crucial we all do our bit – if not for our own benefit, but for future generations.

In an ideal world businesses wouldn’t produce any hazardous waste. But in a bid to provide the next best option, at North West Waste Consultants we have offered environmentally friendly commercial waste removal since 2009. We cater to a range of industries including construction, food and manufacturing.

We offer a huge range of services, ranging from finished goods destruction to chemical waste management to scrap metal recycling. We strive to dispose of materials which are typically  difficult to recycle and are instead sent to the landfill, such as contaminated plastics, disposing it via a waste to energy route.

With ever-increasing landfill prices, we strive to reduce landfill and general waste costs – ensuring higher rebates are paid for recyclables and food waste.

Each of our bespoke programs is designed to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill. Honouring our commitment to preserving the environment, our goal is to achieve zero waste within 12 months.

Our business waste collection is trusted by many internationally renowned clients, including Scott Safety and Kensey Foods.

Before we get started, each site visited will receive a full, comprehensive waste audit. We will then provide you with a free report on how to best reduce business and trade waste to help you fulfil your waste disposal obligations.

Each business will receive a carefully tailored waste management plan to help you best move forward.

We have many smaller services available including skip here, which has proven so successful it has expanded nationally.

North West Waste Consultancy is the industrial waste disposal company who cares about the bigger picture. Whether you’re hoping to reduce the 1.3 billion tonnes of global food waste every year or the 90% of construction waste that goes to landfills, we can help make your business more environmentally friendly.

If you’d like to find out more about our recycling services or manufacturing waste management, please call our team on 01744 758 349 or contact us through our simple enquiry form.


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