How can I reduce my waste this Christmas?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, time to put on your Christmas jumpers, fill your face with mince pies and watch the Home Alone movies for only the 50th time. Christmas however is not as wonderful for landfill sites as we include tinsel, wrapping paper, toy packaging and Christmas cards to the long list of items we throw away. Landfill sites across the UK receive the following for Christmas every year:

  • • 125,000 tonnes of plastic waste
  • • 6 million Christmas trees
  • • 1,500 tonnes of fairy lights
  • • 227,000 miles of recyclable wrapping paper
  • • 50,000 trees’ worth of Christmas cards
  • • 230,000 tonnes of food waste

    Whilst the amount of Christmas waste itself is shocking there are simple things every household can do to minimise this waste.

    Wrapping Paper

    One of the most common mistakes recyclers find in the General Waste Bins during this time of year is gift wrap. However, most Christmas wrapping papers are not recyclable, especially if they are made of foil or metallic materials.

    Why not try some recycled brown wrapping paper to make your gifts environmentally friendly? Other ‘green’ wrapping paper substitutes include the Sunday comics or the sports section of your newspaper.

    Don’t forget about the box

    Online shopping is growing every year and so is the number of boxes we use for these items. Most cardboard boxes are high-value recyclables, but the sheer volume of them means they often overflow the recycling bins and end up in the trash.

    If you receive gifts by mail this year, break down the cardboard boxes to save space and make sure they end up in the recycling pile.

    Home composting

    Instead of throwing all your potato peelings, and leftover vegetables in the bin, put them to good use and turn them into compost. It’s great for your garden and even better for the environment. Egg boxes, newspapers, tea bags, fruit scraps and veggie peelings can all be composted. Composting can remove 20-50% from your household waste stream, reducing the burden on landfills while replenishing your lawn, trees, houseplants, or garden for free.

    Make your own

    Get creative and give someone a one of a kind gift. Are you a keen cook? Cakes, jams and chutneys can make useful and thoughtful presents, and cut down on food waste.

    Homemade Christmas gifts like goodies, bread or Christmas ornaments and decorations made of materials from around your home make meaningful and resourceful gifts.

    For all your Christmas waste needs please get in touch with North West Waste Consultants via our Christmas collection page or call us now on 01744 758 349 for more details about how we can help with your overflowing bins this Christmas.

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