Anaerobic Digestion Waste Management

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We use a number of anaerobic digesters throughout the country for this specialist waste recycling method which turn organic materials into a renewable energy source which transforms the waste into a green gas which is then converted to energy.

Once the energy has been produced and gone back into the national grid, the material that is left over (digestate) is used as a bio fertiliser which contains a range of plant nutrients which is then recycled back onto land as a fertiliser or a soil conditioner.

Anaerobic digestion is hugely cheaper than sending bio gradable products to landfill and is therefore huge savings from your waste budgets with this specialist waste recycling.

Anaerobic digestion – AD for short – is a low carbon process in which micro-organisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. As part of an integrated waste management system, AD significantly reduces the amount of waste going to landfill and, thereby, the harmful emission of landfill gas into the atmosphere.

Anaerobic digestion is also a source of renewable energy – the process produces a methane rich biogas that can be used to generate clean, green energy, replacing fossil fuels and helping to meet the Government’s Renewables Obligation.

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Collecting 2.1 million tonnes of waste per annum


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