Why you should recycle, reduce and reuse

With green issues moving up the political agenda and local councils setting up operations to help you stay green, it’s now easier than ever to give something back to the environment, by recycling, reducing and reusing. It takes little effort to change your habits so that these important activities become part of your life, and once you do there are some enormous benefits… here are just a few of them: Save Money Everybody can do with an extra penny or two, and whether it’s reducing the number of new products that you buy or reusing items when you once might have thrown away, you’re going to end up with some spare change jangling in your pocket. Choosing energy efficient products, from electronic goods to the car that you drive, can help to reduce your consumption of resources whilst saving you money on the fuel bills, and if you choose to reuse items by selling them on via sites like eBay then you can even make some money. And it’s not all about your own wallet – recycling, reducing and reusing has also been shown to help save the country money as a whole. Some Resources are Irreplaceable Not every natural resource is sustainable, which means that once they’re gone that’s it – we’ll also lose the products that they’re made with. We can help these resources last a lot longer by reducing how much we use them – this includes making sure you turn your lights out when you’re not using them and don’t just leave electronic equipment on standby. It’s also a good idea to think twice before throwing something away if there’s a chance you won’t be able to get it replaced. Greener is Cleaner We’re yet to meet anybody who doesn’t want cleaner air for themselves and their families, and landfill sites can be a big factor when it comes to creating the pollution that chokes up our cities. Every person can make a difference, even when it comes to big issues like clean air. Stay In Fashion Choosing to reuse and recycle your goods is a big trend now – it’s called upcycling, and it means repurposing your old goods into something stylish and new. From turning an old glass bottle into a nifty bedside light to using your battered suitcase as a medicine cabinet, your imagination is the limit and upcycling means that it’s now fashionable to stop throwing things away. Help Your Planet You’ve probably heard it a million times, but it’s as true now as it ever was – the world is not indestructible, and issues such as global warming and deforestation will only get worse if we don’t all do our bit to slow them down. By remembering your three environmental Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – you can help your planet, whilst benefiting from all the other great advantages listed above.


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