Why you should adapt a zero waste lifestyle

Have you ever dreamed of living a zero waste lifestyle? In an age where environmental issues are at the forefront of our mind, it’s certainly worth considering just what you can achieve by producing no waste. Don’t believe it’s necessary? Well, just look at the statistics for waste disposal in the UK, and you’ll see that making the effort now will really pay off in the long-run. Wasted Waste Although we all try to reduce waste where possible, we’re all still guilty of throwing out perfectly good products. Consider these facts:
  • Almost 25% of electronic products that are thrown out could be re-used
  • Not doing so costs us £200 million every year!
  • 83% of couches are sent to a landfill – when many of them could be re-used (saving both money and energy)
Recycling More More UK households recycle now than they ever have before. That’s great news, but we’re a far cry from being a zero waste country.
  • 43.9% waste from households was recycled in 2012
  • In 2011, that figure was 42.9%
  • 600 million tonnes of products come into the UK each year…
  • And only 115 million tonnes of that is recycled
Glorious Food Food waste can be a serious issue – and an expensive one too.
  • 50% of the food thrown away comes from the home
  • 7 million tonnes of food and drink are thrown out each year…
  • Half of which was just fine to consume
  • We chuck away more food than we do actual packaging
  • It costs a family an extra £60 per month to throw out good food…
  • Or £400 per year for a person living on their own
Zero Waste Choosing a zero waste lifestyle can ensure that you’re not just another statistic, but that what you do really counts! You’ll not only be saving wasteful energies – since you’ll be self-sustaining, there’s no rubbish to burn or send to a landfill; you’ll also save yourself loads of money too. If not wasting food alone saves your family £60 a month, imagine how much you could save by not wasting anything. Of course, aiming for a zero waste life isn’t always easy, but North West Waste are experts in waste management, and we’ll be happy to help you reduce your costs save you money, and protect the environment all at once. Now that should make you feel pretty good about yourself!