Waste Management Widnes

Waste Management Widnes

Proper waste management is crucial in maintaining your property and protecting the health of your family and the community. While everyone has the responsibility of making sure that their wastes are collected and disposed of properly, not everyone has the capability and time to perform this complicated and time-consuming task. Fortunately, there are waste management experts like North West Waste Consultants who can help us flee from the hassle of collecting and disposing of our wastes. With the help of the company’s knowledgeable and reliable team, we can guarantee that our property is as clean as possible and all wastes collected are handled and disposed correctly.

Waste Management Company in Widnes

Ever since North West Waste Consultants was established in 2009, our company has been helping a long list of household, commercial, and industrial clients in managing the wastes they produced in their properties. Our main objective is to help each client collect and dispose of their wastes in an environmentally-friendly way, and reducing their landfill costs at the same time. We are knowledgeable in all areas of the waste management process, and we can guarantee a safe and prompt service every time.

The types of waste management service we provide include food waste removal for all restaurants, food manufacturing companies, and other types and sizes of properties in the industrial sector. We also offer complete site clearance and construction waste removal, and hazardous waste disposal. Our skip hire service comes with on-time delivery and collection in various areas in the country including Widnes, Liverpool, and more. We have skip bins of different sizes and are available for all types of applications.

Our company uses a specialized waste management method that turns biodegradable products into renewable energy. This method is proven cheaper as it helps our clients save a considerable amount of money from landfill costs. And mostly, it is safe to the environment. For non-biodegradable products such as plastics and metals, our waste recycling service is very effective in helping clients deal with their wastes and saving them money. We are also capable of handling contaminated plastics and other materials, whether the contamination comes from chemicals or different types of contaminants.

To get more information on our list of waste management services, feel free to talk to our customer service representative by calling 01744 758 349. You may also enquire using the Enquiry form available on this website or by sending us an email at