Waste Management Tips for Restaurant Owners

More than any other type of trade, the hospitality industry is among the biggest waste generators. For this reason, businesses in this trade, such as pubs and restaurants, require waste management services that will not only help them cut down on the waste they produce but will also help them become environmentally responsible when managing their wastes.  This article will discuss some helpful tips on responsible waste management that will benefit you as a restaurant owner. 
  1. Categorise your waste 
The first step in reducing commercial waste is identifying the type of waste you produce and categorising which ones go to landfills and which ones can be recycled. Having a hard time identifying? A professional commercial waste management company can help you. They can perform a waste audit to help you determine the possibilities of cutting down your waste disposal cost. 
  1. Set up the perfect waste collection method 
After determining the type of wastes your business produce, it is now time to set up a waste collection program that is suitable to your needs and cost-effective. Whether you need to hire skips or bin bags, knowing which type of waste collection method to use will help you save on cost.   For restaurants that produce a large amount of food waste, it is recommended to hire food waste collectors who can divert food waste instead of bringing them to landfills. This will not only help you skip on landfill fees, but they also help your business become more environment-friendly. 
  1. Keep track of your waste collection schedule 
Waste collection is a critical part of doing a food business, especially for hygiene and safety purposes. Store and load waste bins correctly and on time to prevent backlogs of foul-smelling food waste, potential city council fines, or extra expenses on additional waste pick up.  When choosing a waste collection company, make sure to check if they can provide you with skips that suit the type and amount of waste your business produce. 
  1. Guide your staff 
Everyone in your business has a role in making sure waste management is a success. Since they are responsible for preparing the wastes, educate and guide your staff to properly follow the waste management plan. Make sure to give them proper waste management training. You can ask your waste management company to provide the training and educate your staff about their roles.    North West Waste Consultants  For a successful and reliable food waste management service, contact us at North West Waste Consultants. We are a reputable waste management company that offers top-notch and cost-effective services for all types and sizes of properties in the UK.  Contact us for enquiries. 

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