Waste Management – What You Need to Know

We here at North West Waste Management deliver a variety of services suited to helping businesses to dispose of and recycle their waste. When it comes to waste management, we work with many different businesses covering all sizes and sectors. However, if you’re a new business-owner, or if you own an established business and you are looking at ways to handle your waste management for the first time, there are some important things which you will need to know.

Firstly, consider what waste management involves. If your business happens to be producing a large amount of waste far exceeding regular dustbins and dumpsters, then you will need to consider your options. Waste management involves the mass handling of the different types of waste produced by your business, with a view to carefully and sensibly removing the waste whilst also protecting the environment.

Waste disposal is the easiest and most effective way of getting rid of your waste if the intention is solely to remove it and leave it at that. However, should you wish to benefit the environment and future products by making the most of your waste, our waste recycling services will be more advisable, as these make more use of the waste your business has produced whilst also protecting the air around you and reducing pollution. Different businesses opt for different waste management services based on the level and type of waste, so there is no right or wrong service to choose. We at NWWC can offer a bespoke waste management service to suit your business needs.

However, one thing we do not recommend is to allow your waste to end up causing harm to the environment and pollute the airwaves by sitting on a landfill. Regardless of how much waste you may be producing or the budget of your organisation, it is vital to put the wellbeing of others and the good of the environment before the “quick fix” of sending your high levels of waste towards a landfill. Fortunately, North West Waste Consultants can steer you away from landfills and towards healthier and more logical waste management options. As important as it is to learn about waste management, it’s just as important to learn why landfills are a no-no, especially for bigger businesses who produce waste in high numbers.

Now, let’s consider what the waste management services actually involve. Waste disposal can come in several forms: bespoke waste packages, commercial food waste disposal, finished goods destruction, hazardous waste disposal and warehouse and property clearance. As the names imply, there are different types of waste which require varying forms of waste disposal, since the way in which we deal with waste that could be hazardous to one’s health is very different from how we handle food waste. In addition, waste disposal can be done on-site, so the process can be done quickly and easy, and procedures can be put in place so that the on-site process can be made even speedier in future.

As for waste recycling and re-use, as the names suggest, this involves putting the waste to good use as opposed to simply dumping it, whether it be for products created from natural sources or for other purposes. It’s important to note that around 75% of waste can be recycled, and yet a much smaller percentage of this figure actually ends up being recycled or re-used. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that the latter figure rises, and all businesses can do their bit to contribute to this. Our waste recycling services include cardboard and paper recycling, recycling balers, scrap metal recycling, skip hire, tyre disposal and recycling and WEEE recycling. Our waste re-use services include anaerobic digestion, contaminated plastics, commercial waste management, chemical waste management and industrial waste management.

Finally, consider why waste management happens. Big businesses, in particular those from the restaurant and hotel sectors, produce a massive amount of waste on an annual basis, so if this is managed every couple of months, it is a much better option than having to find a way to shift all of the waste every year. Not only that, but if the waste is allowed to pile up, it can cause some seriously harmful problems for both employees and the environment, which could have bigger costs in the long-run, both in terms of health and on a financial level. Therefore, proper waste management is essential, and by using our waste disposal, waste recycling or waste re-using services, you can be confident that all of your waste will be handled carefully, safely and quickly, with positive ramifications for the environment and with minimal disruption to your business.


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