Summer Recycling Tips

As the weather heats up with the World cup and Wimbledon in full swing you may be in holiday mode, but that doesn’t mean we should take a break from sustainability. Every year in Britain, we chuck away almost 450 million tonnes of household waste, most of which ends up in landfill. Rubbish like plastic bags can take hundreds of years to break down, so it’s best to find ways to both minimise and reuse our household waste. With many areas of the country only 10 years away from completely filling their local landfill sites, it’s crucial we all do our bit – starting now!

North West Waste would like to offer the following top tips to help make sure that looking after the environment remains high on your priority list over the summer: Get some wear out of your old clothes Why not have a sort out and bag up any old clothes you don’t wear anymore? if you are clearing out your wardrobe to make room for summer clothes, or getting rid of everything you didn’t wear this summer come the autumn, Anything good enough to be worn again can be donated to a charity shop, anything else can be chopped up and used for stuffing, rags or patchwork blankets!

Greener barbecues

If you are having a barbecue this summer remember that much of the waste produced can be recycled. You can recycle all your paper, card and cardboard; glass bottles and jars; cans, tins and empty aerosols; plastic bottles, pots tubs, and trays as well as cartons.

If your barbecue preparation includes getting rid of an old grill, recycle it instead of throwing it away. Once you have finished recycling your old grill, replace it with a more eco-friendly version.

On road trips

Pack food and snacks in reusable containers and bring a reusable water bottle instead of buying bottled water. Don’t forget to bring along bags to collect recyclables in the car and look for recycling bins at rest stops, use reusable crockery rather than disposable knives and forks and paper plates. Buy loose fruit and vegetables rather than food in disposable packaging.

Don’t litter

This is an all-round good rule for any time of the year, but it may be more likely that you’re going out for a picnic somewhere in the nice weather! If you are, make sure to try and pack as much of your food in reusable containers to reduce waste (and save you money!). You should also take bags with you to make sure that you take any rubbish from your picnic with you.

If you’re a business looking for some solutions to your recycling or food waste problems this summer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with North West Waste to learn more about what we do.

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