Skip Hire in Newcastle

Skip Hire in Newcastle

With the disposal of waste, especially to landfill, becoming an increasingly expensive and complicated business, we at North West Waste Consultants have for several years, been working closely with our clients to help reduce their waste management costs. If your business is in Newcastle or the surrounding area, and you are genuinely concerned about your increasing waste disposal charges, perhaps we can help. A Different Approach:

Working closely with the construction, food production, and manufacturing industries, we look at every area of the waste your company generates with a view to converting it to recyclable or re-usable waste.

For instance, we offer skip hire in Newcastle, along with baling machines to help you recycle your own waste. Cardboard and paper, metals, vehicle tyres, old batteries, and a host of different plastics, can be separated into different skips and collected by us when required.

Food Production Waste:

It wasn’t so many years ago, that food waste went directly to landfill. No longer, we work with specialist food waste converters around the country who convert food waste, using anaerobic bacteria, to green gas, which then finds its way onto the National Grid. The remainder is converted to a high-quality bio fertiliser, and may well end up feeding your favourite roses.

Commercial Skips and Industrial Skips:

If you’re looking for skips to remove construction or demolition waste, we have a large selection in all sizes, and will deal with any required licences and safety lighting should they have to be parked on a public road.

We treat all our customers as a separate entity. The waste disposal solutions we offer are based on your waste disposal needs. Whether you have hazardous chemicals to be disposed of, food production or other manufacturing waste, or general building waste, we have the solution to keep your costs down.

For every client, our aim is to reach zero waste to landfill within 12 months, reducing our costs, so we can reduce yours.

Please contact our office for greater details of how we can help you become a cleaner, greener company, while helping to better manage your waste disposal bill.