Site Clearance St Helens

Clearing a site after a demolition project can be a very time-consuming and dangerous task for those who are not trained to do the job. It could also become very costly, and can’t provide satisfaction to the property or project owner. To save money and time on your project, make sure to hire a team of site clearance experts to handle this kind of task. One of St Helens’ most trusted teams when it comes to site clearance is North West Waste Consultants. We’ve been working in different sizes of site clearance projects for years, and our team guarantees excellent and on-time service regardless of the size of your project.

Experienced Site Clearance Contractors in St Helens

North West Waste Consultants is among the leading waste management companies in the country that conducts work in various locations across the UK including St Helens, Manchester, Birmingham, and many more. Our team are skilled in all areas of site clearance works and can work for all sizes of projects. Our complete site clearance involves the removal of all types of wastes including chemicals. We will create a detailed and specific plan according to the size and type of your property to ensure the success of the project. Our team is equipped with the tools essential for site clearance, and we can work even on challenging sites. We will vacate your property in the cleanest way possible and ready for the next project. All types of wastes including hazardous chemicals will be removed, transported, and disposed in an environment-friendly way. Besides site clearance, North West Waste Consultants are also expert in removing different types of residential and commercial wastes, including those that are from the construction, manufacturing and food industries. Clients from these types of industries can benefit from our waste re-use service which aims protect the environment and to reduce landfill cost at the same time by recycling the wastes we collect. We also have an extensive collection of skips of different sizes available for different types of wastes for all kinds of properties around the country.

Learn more about site clearance, waste re-use, and other types of waste management services we offer by talking to one of our skilled and experienced staff. You may contact us on 01744 758 349 or email us at You could also get in touch with us through this website’s contact page or Facebook chat.