Contaminated Plastics


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  Contaminated plastics can be a major issue within the food and other industries and are usually sent to landfill as they are difficult to recycle. The better separation of recyclable materials at source – the less of it ends up in landfills. However, recycling efforts are often thwarted by waste contamination. Many of the ‘Mixed Recycling’ bins get contaminated with food, textiles, and other materials, which cannot be recycled. Recyclables get rejected if the recycling companies spot contamination that can spoil the quality of the recycled materials and the sorting machinery. It is very expensive to dispose of as well.

Rejected recycling ends up being general waste – which is exactly what we should strive to avoid!

Some of the contaminated plastic recycling and washing we have safely processed include: • Sewage plastics
• Food packaging
• Silage wrapping
• Used residual waste bale material

North West Waste Consultants can provide a service which disposes of your contaminated plastics via a waste to energy route which once again reduces costs and is environmentally friendly. Whether the contamination is chemical or in some cases biological we can offer peace of mind when it comes to the safe removal of excess waste from the waste stream.