Chemical Waste Management

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North West Waste consultants provide a chemical waste management & disposal service to help you dispose of harmful chemical waste safely.

When dealing with chemical hazardous waste disposal, we adhere to the very strict regulations to ensure it is carried out in the correct way and have the right waste handling licensing needed to undertake the removal of harmful chemicals.

We will give you advice on the best ways to deal with waste and promise that our chemical waste disposal service will be conducted in the safest way possible.

When dealing with waste it is imperative that businesses in the UK adhere to the ‘duty of care’ expected by the government and any business not providing this can be punished with a heavy fine if convicted in court.

Having the waste removed from your site by North West Waste Consultants will also make it a safer place for people to work and you can be safe in the knowledge that your waste is being dealt with by licensed personnel in a safe way.

To find out more about our cost effective chemical waste disposal and management or to arrange to have your waste collected please contact us using our contact form, telephoning or emailing.