Bespoke Waste Packages

Each site visited will receive a full, comprehensive waste audit with a report on how best to reduce their business and trade waste
  1. We will manage all business and trade waste streams including all transport and duty of care which includes providing all carriers and site waste licences, as well as carrying out the site audits on your behalf freeing you to get on with other more pressing issues.
  2. We will be on site at least once a fortnight to help with training and ensuring that the correct waste is going to the correct bins.(if needed)
  3. We will provide weekly/monthly KPIs to show exactly what waste has left site on which day.
  4. All waste will go over a weighbridge with tickets provided.
  5. There will only be one point of contact and one invoice.
  6. Rebates will be paid 28 days from invoice via BACCS
  7. We use numerous supplier for the recyclables therefore we get the best price guaranteed for the following week/month.
  8. Monthly reviews to ensure that the there are no issues and to discuss the following weeks/months rebate prices.
  9. A bespoke all in one package made specifically for your site which will take the day to day hassle of business and trade waste collection and management away from you.
The most important promise we make though is we WILL GET YOU TO ZERO TO LANDFILL in a short manageable timescale.