Practical Ways on Disposing of Unusable Items at Home 

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on both our mental and physical health. With so many people getting sick and businesses disrupted, the uncertainties in our lives and finances contributed to our high stress levels. 

Amid all the problems and uncertainties, many people have found solace in organising their homes. One of the major contributors to stress is the feeling that you don’t have control over things and situations. But by keeping themselves busy in organising the spaces inside their homes, they develop a sense of control, resilience, and inner strength – things that have been taken away by the pandemic. 

Reorganising your space, which includes getting rid of all the unused items such as old furniture, electrical items, and clothing will not only free up spaces at home but can also help you in taking care of your mental and physical health.  

recycle clothesSo how can you dispose of unused items in a practical and environmentally friendly way? Here are some useful tips. 


Taking out pieces of furniture that have been sitting down and left unused for ages can be pretty difficult. While they no longer hold economic value, bringing them into the landfill would be a waste. So instead of doing that, you can do a favor to other people by giving furniture to those who need them. Someone in your local community or neighbourhood might need furniture but don’t have the budget to buy it in the meantime.  

Gifting your unused furniture to those in need will be a huge help. This way, you are not only freeing up space in your home, but you are also helping other people – simple things that can make you happy and satisfied at the same time. 

Electrical Items 

If unused electrical items are still in good working condition, you can also give them to those in need. If you live in an area where most people know each other, you can simply put them at the end of the drive and put a note so anyone interested can get them. 

As an alternative, you can also bring your unused electrical items to a local charity shop that is authorised to sell electrical items. 


There are so many practical ways to get rid of unused clothes. You can either sell them on eBay or bring them to a charity shop. Around 336,000 tonnes of unused clothes are being thrown away in the UK every year. You can help in reducing them by giving them instead of throwing them away.  


Instead of throwing away unused ornaments, cutlery, and decors, you should consider selling or bringing them into an auction house. You might be surprised that the object you don’t use anymore will be loved by others. It might be that they have been looking for that piece for a long time or they see it as a good addition to their collection. Putting unused stuff into an auction will not only free up space at home but can also help you earn a little out of them. On top of that, it prevents you from throwing piles of waste into landfills, making both your home and the environment feel a lot better. 

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