Olympics 2020 Beds and Medals Made of Recycled Materials

Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics is one of the much-awaited events of this year. It is the time where athletes around the world will come together to showcase and compete for their skills with the aim of honour and camaraderie.

But this year of competition is quite different from the previous years. The Olympics organising committee came up with a brilliant idea of using recycled materials. This idea truly deserves an appreciation, knowing that they will able to help preserve the environment.

It is exciting to know what materials and how they were able to produce to achieve such an aim of using recycled materials.

recycled olympics

Well, one of the main topics on the news is the Olympics organising committee shared that the medals at the 2020 Summer Olympics will be made from recycled electronics. Most of the electronics contain copper, silver, and gold-which are essential in making medals for the Olympics. Last 2017, the Olympics organisers requested the Japanese residents to donate their old smartphones and other electronic devices to produce medals for this year’s Summer Olympics.

The Japanese residents were very supportive; the Olympics Organisers were able to collect 78,985 tons of donated electronics, and from that, they were able to bring out approximately 4,850 pounds of bronze, 7,716 pounds of silver, and 70 pounds of gold. Amazingly enough to provide medals for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics.

Not just medals made from recycled materials will be used for this event. The bed frames for athletes will be made of recycled cardboard as well. Even if it is recycled, the Olympics Organisers assures that it’s durable where it will be able to support a weight of about 200kg. The mattress for the beds will be from polyethylene materials, which will be reuse for plastic products after the event. A perfect combination to achieve environmentally friendly materials.

The Olympics Organisers extended their effort to embrace environmentally friendly materials. The Olympic Torch is made from aluminium waste and the podiums from recycled household and marine plastic waste.

Stable electricity must be required for this big event. Thus, the Power source will come from renewable sources to attain an eco-friendly goal.

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