Hotel Waste Management St Helens

Proper waste management is very essential in the hotel industry. Often times, the waste management plans that hotels create for their own isn’t proven reliable and sustainable and might lead to problems. In these cases, getting help from trusted waste management professionals would be the best option.

Hotels and other types of establishments in St Helens have been trusting North West Waste Consultants to handle all their waste management needs for many years. We’re one of the UK’s most reliable team when it comes to providing different kinds of top-notch waste management solutions at affordable costs.

Hotel Waste Management Experts in St Helens

What makes North West Waste Consultants a cut above the rest of waste management companies in the country is that the solutions we provide to each client is customized according to their needs, and we give their staff helpful tips to help them save their resources and reduce the cost they pay for landfills. We’ve been in the industry for a decade, and we have helped thousands of clients reduce their landfill cost through diverting waste in an environmentally-friendly way. We use anaerobic digesters to turn organic wastes we collect into renewable energy sources. We also use a comprehensive cleaning method in dealing with contaminated plastics, making them suitable for recycling.

When working with hotels and other businesses, we make sure that through our works our clients can adhere to the ‘duty of care’ imposed by the government. Thus, we provide them with the full duty of care documents, which they can check in the client portal especially created for them.

Aside from hotels, we also handle waste management projects for other types of commercial, industrial and domestic properties. Our long list of services includes food and hazardous waste disposal, general and construction waste removal, site clearance, and bin bag collection. We also have a large selection of skip bins of different sizes available for different types of applications. We always arrive on time, and we guarantee a top-notch service without the high price. Feel free to talk to our expert team for any of your waste management enquiries and booking requests.

For further details please get in touch with North West Waste Consultants via our contact page or call us now on 01744 758 349 for more details about our hotel management services.