Don’t Let Go – Balloon Releases On The Environment

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If you haven’t seen this image on your social media timeline it is only a matter of time before you do. The Ministry of Environment and Housing have posted this image highlighting the impact of plastic and balloons being released into the environment.

A local traditions at memorials, schools, weddings, and other events balloon releases are something we have all done but have you ever considered the impact this can cause?

The Impact On Our Environment

Balloons that are released outside have end up somewhere, usually this is caught up in tree branches or electrical wiring.

Balloons that are not properly disposed of end up in the ocean and along coastal areas, becoming marine debris. This debris can be mistaken for food and eaten causing interal injury and potential death. The string attached to the balloons can also cause potential death as it wraps around marine wildlife and become entangled.

The Solution?

Instead of balloon releases you can instead have fun, celebrate, and remember with environmentally-friendly alternatives that The Ministry of Environment and Housing recommended.

If however balloon releases is not avoidable then the MCSUK have guidelines for wildlife friendly balloon use including the following:

  • Let go of balloons indoors only
  • Fill the balloons with air not helium.
  • Use balloons made of natural rubber latex rather than foil balloons.
  • When tying balloons use natural cotton string rather than plastic ribbon.
  • Hand tie balloons rather than using plastic valves.

    Be a party pooper We all know reducing plastic in everyday life is easier said than done but something so simple as balloon releases can be an easy way to do your part. It may be just one balloon but to a critically endangered species of marine wildlife it could be their last meal.

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