Why Summer Is The Perfect Time for Garden Shed Clearance

Starting on a new project or freshening your garden up – these are just two of the most common reasons why we want to clear our garden shed. More than any other time of the year, summertime is when it’s best to do it.

Clearing out a stacked garden shed can be pretty exhausting. Depending on the amount of waste you will be clearing out, it will take a dozen trips to the recycling centre or landfill to get rid of everything. This can be pretty difficult and time-consuming if you are doing it alone.

Here are the things to consider if you want to clear out your garden shed

Choose the best day to do it

Since you will be working mostly outside, it is crucial to carry out a shed clearance project in nice weather. Check the weather forecast on the day you are planning to do it. If rain is forecasted on that day, you may want to schedule your shed clearance for another day. If you don’t have any other time to do it other than that day, you can secure your work area with a waterproof sheet. This way, you can wrap the items immediately when it starts pouring.

Start clearing from the outside

One of the common mistakes people make is starting to clear out their garden shed from the inside. Starting from the front on your way inside to the back of your shed is the easiest and most efficient way to do it. It will not only make everything more manageable, but it will also help you see the progress and how much is already cleared out, making you more determined to finish what you have started.

Don’t hesitate to toss things out

This might be a bit difficult to make, but throwing everything you don’t need is the best way to clear out your garden shed. You can not call moving things around or in another storage room a clear out. You have to plan which items to keep or throw away.

Give your shed a good clean

Once the items are out, it is time to clean your garden shed thoroughly before bringing things again inside. A thorough cleaning can ensure that no stubborn dirt remains and your shed is clean and comfortable to use.

Spruce up the shed’s exterior

After cleaning the insides of your garden shed, you might also want to clean and spruce up the exterior for a brand new look. New paint or decoration is enough to freshen up your shed’s appearance.

Hire Shed Clearance Experts

You can save time and energy with your garden shed clearance if you hire a company that can do it expertly, such as North West Waste Consultants. We offer various kinds of waste management services suitable for different needs and sizes of properties.

Contact us today to discuss your garden shed clearance requirements with our specialists.

Practical Guide for A Successful House Clearance

Regardless of your reason for clearing your home – either for a moveout or you want to remove all clutter and junks in your property – it is never an easy task. Knowing where to start and deciding which items to get rid of can be tricky and exhausting if you have no idea what to do. Obviously, house clearance is a task that not all of us want to do, but at some point, we have to.   Here are some practical and easy-to-follow guides you can note if you want to make your house clearance project enjoyable and less taxing.   Plan ahead of time  If you are fully aware of why you need to perform a house clearance, you can establish a concrete plan to do it. Before anything else, you have to understand your project to know how much time you will need and what type of services you will have to hire.  Determine the duration of the project  To avoid exhaustion, you need to give yourself enough time to complete the project. Ask yourself how much time you will need, make a deadline, and put a timeframe for each milestone you want to achieve.   Knowing how long your project will be completed and how much time you have will also give you the idea of what type of service you will need, whether a whole house clearance team or a skip hire.  Decide what to keep or toss  For many, this part of the house clearance project is the most challenging. If you have spent money on those things, it is not easy to decide whether to throw them away even if they don’t hold much value, thinking that they can use them someday.  If you make a firm decision on which items to keep, donate, and toss, you will make your house clearance more manageable and faster.   Determine how much waste you have  The amount of waste you have is the biggest factor in how much you will need to spend to get rid of them. So understanding how much waste you have will help you decide on the size of skip you hire. If you don’t know how to choose the best skip for your project, waste management experts can help you calculate.  Decide the type of service to hire  Now that you already have an idea and plan for your house clearance, it’s time to check for house clearance company in your area. You can enquire about different companies and compare whose offer can benefit you the most.  North West Waste Consultants  At North West Waste Consultants, we are known for providing outstanding house clearance and other kinds of waste management services for all types of properties. We offer different sizes of skips suitable for various applications. We also have a team of house clearance experts who can help you make your project smooth and hassle-free.  Contact us today to know more about our services.