6F2 Recycled Material

The 6F class of aggregates refers to materials which have been recycled from demolition and construction sites. This recycled material is becoming increasingly important to building sites throughout the UK as demand rises.

What is 6F2 Recycled Capping?

An aggregate composed of crushed concrete, brick and mortar produced as a by-product of demolition projects known in the trade as 6F2 Recycled Capping. Sizes range from 75mm down to dust. The coarse nature of 6F2 Capping makes it a very good all in one product which when compacted forms a hard wearing surface. 6F2 is ideal as an initial layer of hardcore before being finished off with a layer of type 1 sized material.

A perfect solution for:

  • hard-standings
  • haul roads
  • path/sub-bases
  • driveway sub-bases
  • road sub-bases
  • piling mats
  • General backfill
  • Recycled aggregates have many benefits. First, using recycled aggregates reduces the demand for primary aggregates and the work required to produce them. Recycled aggregates assist the entire construction industry, allowing it to be more sustainable. Ultimately, this leaves more aggregate available for use by future generations.

    Recycled aggregate consists of demolition and construction materials, but it can also include industrial by-products like slate, colliery spoil and power station ash, to name a few.